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Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Why not take your next holiday on the beautiful Black Sea coast of Bulgaria ?
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The UNESCO world heritage site of Nessebar is a beautiful place. A trip to this lovely old town is the highlight of any holiday.

Nessebar is the regional centre for the coastal resorts of Elenite, St. Vlas and Sunny Beach, it is split in to two distinct parts - the "old" town and the "new" town. The new town has many attractions with its shops, bars and cafes and facilities, but it is the old town that the tourists flock to.

The old town of Nessebar is directly across the bay from St Vlas and our apartments, around 3km by taxi boat from the Dinevi Marina (just in front of the apartments), or around 8km by road. The local buses run every twenty minutes in peak season (at just 2 Leva per person), or take a taxi for around 30 Leva.
The old town is very historic with its fortified appearance, two harbours, multitude of churches, cobbled streets and its architecture. There are many beautiful restaurants around the town with great views and even better food. The seafood here is brilliant.

The old town springs to life in the evening with its many street markets, shops and bazaars, local artists and craft stalls. The perfect place to shop for souvenirs and a good selection of leather goods. The markets also boast some of the best "fakes" you will ever see - some real bargains!

In our opinion a trip to Nessebar is a perfect end to a great day. Take the sea taxi over to Nessebar, have a first class meal, a glass or two of wine, wander around the markets and craft stalls and grab a bargain or two. Catch a late bus or a taxi home. The last buses leave around 11.30pm (dependant on the time of year) from the terminus by the main gates to the town.